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Almond Oats Soap Almond Oats Soap

Almond Oats Goat Milk Soap with finely ground whole oats

Our Price: $6.00
Dazzleberry Soap Dazzleberry Soap

Juicy blend of black raspberries and creamy vanilla.

Our Price: $6.00
Lavender Oats Soap Lavender Oats Soap

A beautiful floral lavender essential oil with finely ground oats.

Our Price: $6.00
Lemon Verbena Soap Lemon Verbena Soap

Sweet and sophisticated Lemon Verbena.

Our Price: $6.00
Lilac Soap Lilac Soap

Hands down the best Lilac Soap ever!

Our Price: $6.00
Patchouli Soap Patchouli Soap

Should call this one flashback. Or Woodstock. :)

Our Price: $6.00
Sexy Man Soap Sexy Man Soap

(Amber + Vanilla) x 1000 = Sexy Man!

Our Price: $6.00
Blackberry Sage Tea Soap Blackberry Sage Tea Soap

Bursting with ripe, juicy blackberries and tempered by a heavenly herbal sage.

Our Price: $6.00
Grapefruit Mint Soap Grapefruit Mint

Blended with grapefruit and spearmint essential oils.

Our Price: $6.00
Sexy Woman Soap Sexy Woman Soap

Gorgeous floral blend of rose, lily, gardenia and more!

Our Price: $6.00
Hampton Beach Soap Hampton Beach Soap

Imagine azure lined shores; salty sea breezes. That's what this soap is all about.

Our Price: $6.00
Amber Romance Soap Amber Romance

Seductive and haunting - a favorite!

Our Price: $6.00
Gardener's Bar Soap Gardener's Soap

Truly hardworking bar of soap - this version is made with handfuls of dried, ground lavender flowers, plus gentle calendula on top. Scented with Orange, Anise and Clove essential oils with a kiss of cranberry for tartness.

Our Price: $6.00
ARGH! Pirate Soap ARGH! Pirate Soap

Pirate Soap

Our Price: $6.00
Activated Charcoal Complexion Soap Activated Charcoal Complexion Soap

Finally made this soap and I can't keep it in stock - so I'm making bigger batches and am finally able to add it to the website! Activated charcoal, long thought to have toxin-removing properties, is added to this goat milk soap, along with Lavender, Tea Tree and Lemongrass essential oils for a soothing bar of soap. Seriously gentle exfoliation works on the face (but I admit, I love it head to toe!)

List Price: $6.00
Our Price: $6.00
Kitty Angels Soap Kitty Angels Soap

Rosemary Mint Soap - $2 will be donated to Kitty Angels for every bar purchased!

Our Price: $7.00
On The Rocks Soaps On The Rocks Soaps

These booze-themed goat milk soaps were specially crafted to celebrate our 5th year of being full-time in the biz! Each soap is made with rich, moisturizing shea butter, olive oil (never any fillers like rice bran or soybean!), and topped with salt for that extra-special "on the rocks" appeal! Each collection contains one each of the following soaps:

~ Bramble (my favorite cocktail) - a little kick of gin with a sweet kiss of blackberry topped with pink himalayan salt chunks

~ Pina Colada - island lovers rejoice. Pineapple, coconut & lime with green sea salt!

~ Mojito - Summer sun is livened up with lime, lemon and a little rosemary zest topped with yellow sea salt.

~ Whisky - rich vanilla notes with a hint of smoke, and topped with black Hawaiian salt!. Perfection!

Our Price: $30.00